● Security education on procedures for live bombs and other military explosive materials

The aim of the project run in partnership with 6 institutions from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, and Ukraine is to popularize knowledge on threats related to non-compliance to procedures/unproper dealing with live bombs and explosives in the Carpathian region.

The aim will be realized by conducting the research (in Poland, Slovakia Czechia and Ukraine), 8 lectures/workshops, international conference and elaborating the handbook on explosive.

Implementation period: 1.06.2023–30.04.2024
Budget: 28 816,00 EUR

Financing: Visegrad Fund

Scientific and technological advances used for war purposes generate numerous threats to civilians. Development of mine technique during the WWII caused that this means of destruction was used on a grand scale by all parties at war. The territories of the countries through which the fronts were moving got contaminated with the millions of live mines, bullets, bombs, small arms ammunition (e.g., in the Carpathians where the Dukla – Prešov operation, known also as the Carpathian-Dukla operation). After the war the mine clearance operations have been conducted for years. Yet, the war remains such as live bombs and other explosive materials, which are the real threat to life and health of civilians, can be still encountered (e.g.: in May 2021 in Poland 38 mines and air bombs were defused, soldiers receive over 800 interventions a month. The situation is similar in V4 countries). The youth and children are the biggest groups of victims of mines, live bombs and explosives. At present military actions take place on most of the territory of Ukraine. UN experts estimate that c. 50% of the territory is contaminated with mines, unexploded bombs, and other explosive materials. This is extremely dangerous situation for civilians.


Fundacja Instytut Regionalny (Lead Partner)
Foundation Regional Institute
Bystre 39
38-600 Baligrod, Poland

Związek Oficerów Rezerwy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Reserve Officers Association of Poland
Sikorskiego 2 /18
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki05-101, Poland

Instytut Bezpieczeństwa i Rozwoju Międzynarodowego
Institute of Security and International Development
Ordynacka 9
Warszawa 00-364, Poland

Detská organizácia FÉNIX Snina
Children Organisation FENIX Snina
Gagarinova 1559/4
Snina 069 01, Slovakia

Centrum pro bezpečnostní analýzu a prevenci
Centre for security analysis and prevention
Dolní 400, Pustá Polom
74769, Czechia

Громадська організація “Народна самооборона Львівщини”
Non-governm ental organization “People’s self-defence Lviv”
35/53 Zubrivska str., Lviv, 79066, Ukraine